Reclaimed Soul (Thursdays 8-10PM CST)

Featuring sound rich interviews and an all-vinyl playlist (courtesy of host Ayana Contreras), Reclaimed Soul is about taking old materials (records, buildings, ideas, et al) to push us all forward.

Back by popular demand… more Underground Motown. In our last installment, we focused on “The Funk Brothers”, Motown’s legendary band of studio (or session) musicians. Host Ayana Contreras spun rare instrumentals of songs many of us know and love.

Tonight, tune in as she spins rarities, dusties and b-sides from the Motown Records vault, including the Jackson 5 cutting a soulfully Al Green-ish record, and a variety of experiments in genius cross-pollinations.

Reclaimed Soul, Thursdays at 8pm CST on

(illustration by French artist “Mega is Mega”)

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